The Little Kendal Cakery

Branding / logo / brochure / stationery / social media

Understated and contemporary wedding cakes with clean lines and a fine art finish.

A clean, understated logo with a high-end look, complemented with carefully designed typography. A simple colour palette of pink, grey and gold conveyed a luxury feel combined with the softness of the eucalyptus graphics, a feature within many of Kelly’s cake designs. Refined brand elements with a graduated colour background and tiny geometric details that add a final dusting of decadence.

  • The visual identity and brand logo for a kendal bakery, designed by an experienced food and drink designer.
  • A box with a card and a flower in it, designed by a visual identity expert.
  • Kind words - Brand Strategy Fife.
  • A variety of wedding brochures on a table with a tablet and iPad showcasing the visual identity and designs for agritourism and food and drink.
  • A collection of visually stunning wedding brochures on a pink background.


Georgia Delotz: / Branding photography by Tiree Dawson: and Lauren Barber:

  • Client Joy

    I honestly loved working with you Nicola. I can’t imagine that working with anyone else would have given me the beautiful branding I now have; you have such a good understanding of my cake design style and my business ethos. I’m so happy to now have branding that actually represents my business!

    Kelly Nattrass, Cake Designer, The Little Kendal Cakery


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