The details

Branding, brochures and websites that are personal and purposeful for bold, modern brands.

Each brand identity that I craft is distinct and unique, offering a bold yet professional style that will ensure you are seen. Branding is about creating a feeling and connecting with your ideal customer, not just being beautiful. It tells your story and demonstrates your depth and passion.

Want to be more focused and intentional with what you do? With the help of my brand strategy, you will feel confident, inspired and unstoppable. You will feel good about your business.

From the complete style and strategy created for your brand, to brochures, websites and everything else in-between, I am here to collaborate and support you in creating a brand that gives you confidence, reflects your values and evokes emotion with your ideal customer.

The Essence

I believe in an all-inclusive approach that grows around you and your business needs. It begins with an in-depth look at your brand to get to its root and how that can be translated visually to tell your story and show your quality.

I work across lots of different industries, with a focus on lifestyle and hospitality. What ties my work together is that the Mint Modern client cares about the experience they offer and the emotion it creates with their customer. I work with modern businesses that are passionate and purposeful and aren’t afraid to be different. I help bring their creative vision to life through feel-good design and a considered approach.


My signature brand identity experience is the first step towards working with me.

I offer a fun and inspiring branding experience that will guide you through discovery to broadcasting your brand. It will give you a fresh visual identity that will make you feel confident and clear on your purpose while making you stand out.

Ready to invest in your brand identity and make it mint? Here’s how I can help…

What's included:
  • In-depth branding questionnaire
  • 1-hour creative consultation call
  • Curated mood board
  • Complete logo suite
  • Font selection and typography styling
  • Colour palette
  • Supporting brand elements
  • Image direction with mood board
  • Brand style guide
  • Brand collateral items suitable for your brand

Investment starts from £3,795

Need something else?

Ask me about my other branding experiences.

Style and Strategy

I have created three main branding experiences to give you a guide to the fundamentals a brand needs, paired with the addition of creative collateral, brochures and websites.

Through my years of experience, I have learned what items are best for you to broadcast your brand and reach your ideal customer and include these as part of your branding. The experience is flexible for your business needs.

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The Creative Experience

Branding can be overwhelming, but I have simplified it into three main steps

  • Initiation

    Where I find out all about you, what you need and time frames.

  • Discovery
    & Design

    Digging a little bit deeper with a brand questionnaire, research and bespoke moodboard.

  • Building & Broadcasting

    Refining and testing your designs before releasing it to your audience.

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The FAQs

Can I meet you in person to discuss my project before deciding to book you?

I don’t host face-to-face meetings simply because of the amount of time this takes away from creative projects, but I’m more than happy to schedule a free 15-minute telephone consultation to find out more about what you do and where I might be able to bring your brand to life visually.

Can you design just a logo for me?

I design logos as part of a brand, but I do not work on logos as standalone projects. Branding is all about creating a visual identity and all of the elements that this entails. Although logos are one part of what I do, a great brand is so much more than just a logo and will need thought and creativity behind it to bring it to life.

When should I book my project?

I tend to be booked at least 1-3 months in advance for branding, websites and brochures. If you have a launch date in mind, I recommend allowing 4-6 months before this for other parts of your branding, such as photography, website, copywriting, printing, interior design, etc. I can make recommendations for any of these suppliers if you need help. My part of your branding project can take anywhere between 8-16 weeks, I will be able to give you a better idea of timescale once we have spoken.

Do you provide photography and text for my project?

No, you need to source all your own content for your project, but I can help guide you in the right direction for this. This might mean arranging a photoshoot or using stock imagery, I can provide you with a list of potential suppliers and websites. With any images you supply, you are responsible for the copyright. You need to write your own text and this also means checking spelling and grammar or you could use a professional copywriter to create your content. I have a great resource for both photographers and copywriters.

Why should I invest in professional photography and copywriting?

A picture tells a thousand words, so it should be the best it can be and make your brand/product instantly appealing and recognisable. It’s all part of creating brand consistency and continuing the look from your graphics into your photography. I will help you put together a mood board that you can give to a professional photographer or I am available for onsite art direction and styling.

As for copywriting, everyone can write and string a few sentences together, but do you know the best words to use in a clear, concise way that represents your brand? Maybe you’re not clear on your key messages? A copywriter will help you be clear and consistent with your message and create copy that is relatable to your audience.

Can you provide printing?

Yes, I love the tactile feel and smell of print. I provide printing for all my current clients but not as a service on its own, so you must be a design client in order to receive print products. I have built up great relationships over the years with all my print suppliers and can recommend the right material and finish for your job to give your brochure or magazine the perfect feel for your brand.

Do you design websites?

Yes, I design websites for WordPress, but I don’t build them. You will receive a separate quote from one of my developers. I provide the design only. If you have an existing web template or web platform for your website, I can also provide style sheets which contain font suggestions, colours for you to use or separate graphics that I can design for you to upload to an existing template. My recommendation is always to go bespoke and avoid templates when your budget allows.

Can you create editable files that I can use?

Yes, this is dependent on your software capabilities and if you have the correct fonts installed on your computer or device. In some cases fonts may need to be purchased to achieve the same look. This is a popular choice for social media graphics or if you have a cafe/restaurant and want to update point of sale weekly. The setup cost is priced on top of design cost. For larger documents, unless you have the right knowledge (and software) it’s more cost effective to pay me to update your document than pay to have it set up in an editable way for you.

I love to create bold and brilliant branding

I would like to find out more about your project. Let’s start with a free, 15-minute informal chat to get to know more about you and answer any questions you may have

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